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Mountain States Livestock Help Page

In order to help you better understand, the Help page has been compiled by subject matter.

Still need help? We can also be reached at 1-970-876-2255

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Layout of Our Site

Start Page: The Start Page is the main lobby ( Home Page ) of Here we provide links to the many sections of our site. Clicking on the Circle ML Brand will always bring you back to this page.

Sign-In: If you have already registered as a Buyer or Seller you may choose to log-in with your assigned user name and password to give you access to change account information or review your account activity.

Sign-Up: New Clients need to stop in here first so they may register as Buyer or Seller or both.

Auction Ring: We offer three ways to market livestock at In the Country Livestock Offerings, buyers and sellers can make trades using the unique negotiating interface. In fact, you can view the livestock that are currently for sale in this page. Trading hours are 9:00am to 10:00 pm MT seven days a week, but you can browse livestock in this unique area at any time.
We also conduct scheduled auctions using a silent bid format in both the Country Auction and Sale Barn Auction. In any case, a trained representative is responsible for the consignments; from gathering the consignment information, taking photos, to making sure the livestock were delivered to the buyer's satisfaction.

Today: As a FREE service we have linked a variety of information that every Buyer and Seller needs: weather forecasts, cash commodity prices, futures exchange updates, Agricultural News and reports and much more. The information here is continually updated - when you need to know market bearing news, look here first.

About MSLM: Meet our staff and see what people are saying about Mountain States Livestock Marketing.


General Help
Frequently asked questions about the process of livestock marketing.
Q. What does "Trading Hours" mean?
A. Trading Hours is the timeframe in which livestock can be bought and sold.
Livestock in the Country Livestock Offerings can sell during Trading Hours, which are Seven days a week 9:00 am - 10:00 pm MT.
Asking prices can be reduced at anytime, but raised only during the hours of 10:00 pm - 9:00 am MT.
Bids can be placed and withdrawn Seven days a week from 9:00 am - 10:00 pm MT.
All open bids will be automatically withdrawn by the our web site at 10:00 pm MT.
Bidding will resume every morning Seven days a week at 9:00am MT.
Q. When are the Trading Hours?
A. Trading Hours are Seven days a week from 9:00 am - 10:00 PM Mountain Time for the Country Livestock Offerings.
Trading Hours for Today's Auction will be posted on the sale site.
Q. When can bids be placed?
A. Bids can be placed and withdrawn Seven days a week from 9:00am - 10:00pm MT. All open bids will be automatically withdrawn by the our web site at 10:00pm. Bidding can resume every morning Seven days a week at 9:00am MT.
Q. When can livestock be purchased or sold?
A. Livestock trades can only take place during Trading Hours, which are Seven days a week from 9:00 am - 10:00 PM Mountain Time.
Q. How do I view a description of the livestock?
A. Go to the Auction Ring section and click on the Showlist you would like to view. To view the complete Lot Description click on the Details. This will bring up a detailed description and photos of the livestock.
Q. How do I enlarge photos of the livestock?
A. Go to the Showlist and click Details. This will bring up a detailed Lot Description. Click on the photo to enlarge image.
Q. Who describes the livestock?
A. A trained representative of will provide a full description of the livestock as well as digital photos that will be posted to our web site. To view an example of our lot description, go to the Auction Ring and select a Showlist. Then click on Details to view a complete description.
Q. How does the seller receive payment for livestock?
A. All payments are made directly from according to the consignment Agreement. will handle collecting the funds from the buyer.
Q. Are you licensed and bonded with the Packers and Stockyards Administration?
A. Yes.
Q. Do I have to have a computer or have an internet connection?
A. No. The Representative can handle all of the details for the consignor and keep the consignor posted of bids on their livestock by telephone. The office staff is available to place proxy bids, change asking prices, and accept bids. 1-970-876-2255


Consignor Help
Q. What is the commission?
A. $8.50 for Stocker and Feeder Cattle, $10 for Breeding cattle, $20 for Breeding Bulls, $2.00 for Lambs, $2.50 for slaughter ewes and bucks, $4.00 for Breeding ewes, and $10 for breeding Bucks. There is no charge for a "No Sale" and no fee for a representative coming out and taking photos.
Q. How can I change my asking price or accept a bid?
A. Each consignor will be assigned their own username and password. This allows you to change your asking price or accept bids that have been placed on your livestock.

To lower your asking price you can go to the Bidding Console for your lot directly from the Livestock Consignment List and change the price. Enter your username and password and then push the "Change Asking Price" button, this will automatically change the price. However if you wish to raise your asking price it must be done between 10:00pm and 9:00am MT.

To accept a bid you can go to the Livestock Cosignment List and select the lot you wish to accept the bid on. Then from the Bidding Console you will enter your username and password and then push the "Accept Bid Of" button, the site will accept the bid and sell the livestock (if it is during trading hours).
Q. What are the requirements for selling livestock on
A. You can go to the Seller Sign-Up Area, fill in the information asked, or call at (970) 876-0378 or 1-970-876-2255 and a trained Representative will contact you about your desire to consign your livestock.
Q. How do I find a representative in my area?
A. Just call at (970)876-0378 or toll free 1-970-876-2255 and we will have a trained Representative make contact with you by the next business day.
Q. What happens once my livestock sells?
A. You will receive a partial payment ($32 per head for Cattle/$4.00 per head for Sheep - a pair is considered one head), which will be mailed to you from the Silt, Colorado office. The Representative will coordinate with the buyer and seller for delivery. The Representative will be present at delivery and final payment will be made according to the consignment agreement.
Q. How will I know if a buyer accepts my asking price?
A. Your Lot will be posted as being SOLD. If you have e-mail, a message will be sent to you immediately after the livestock have sold. If you have a Fax you will be sent a confirmation. In addition a representative from will also call you the day your livestock sell to let you know your livestock have sold.
Q. What if the buyer backs out?
A. Your contract is with and that is not affected.


Buyer Help
Q. How do I withdraw a bid?
A. Go to the Buyer Sign-In Area . Enter your username and password, and then click on View Current Bids. Select the lot that you would like to withdraw your bid on and click on the lot number. This will bring up the Bidding Console if your visiting during trading hours. Click on Withdraw Bid button and follow the prompts.
Q. How do I get a Buyer Username and Password?
A. Go to the Sign-Up Section and click on Buyer and fill out the application completely. Once approved, a staff member will contact you to issue your username and password.
Q. How do I place a bid?
A. Go to the Auction Ring section and click on the Showlist you would like to view. Once you have selected a Livestock Lot that you would like to bid on, click on the Bid button. This will bring up the Bidding Console. From the pull-down menu, select the price you would like to bid and click the Submit Bid button and follow the prompts.
Q. How long is my bid good for?
A. All bids are active until the end of trading hours Seven days a week, you have withdrawn your bid, or until your bid has been replaced by a higher bid. At this time if the Lot has not been withdrawn or your bid accepted accepted by the seller, your bid will be removed automatically by where you can resubmit a bid if you choose.
Q. How will I know if a seller has accepted my bid?
A. The Lot on which you placed the Bid will be marked Sold on the Showlist. If you have e-mail, you will be sent an e-mail message immediately after the Lot has sold. You will receive a faxed confirmation of the sale that day and a representative will contact you.
Q. What is the procedure when I purchase livestock?
A. You will receive confirmation of your purchase via E.mail, fax, and contacted by telephone from This confirmation will outline the amount of your partial payment and give you payment instructions followed with a signed livestock purchase contract. A trained Representative will contact you to coordinate delivery of the livestock. At delivery you will receive an invoice once shipping information has been received and it will include payment information.

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