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Lot#: 485   |     80       Steer Calves
Asking Price: $130.00       Current Offer: No Offers
This lot is from our Country Pages
Base Weight: 600 Weigh Up: Truck Varience: 500lbs  to 675lbs
Slide: 7 cents Shrink: Early morning gather, sort off mothers, sexed, weighed on trucks with a 2% Bangs: No
Vaccinations: 7-way somnus/ 4 once/ pinkeye with booster of 4 once in fall Implant: No
Location: Glade Park, CO Feed: mothers and pasture
Originated: Home Raised
Delivery: 10/15/2004 10/25/2004 Make A Bid
Description: Black and Red Gelvieh Cross
Comments: A very choice set of reputation Black Gelvieh Cross high altitude steer calves.
Type Percent Sire Dam
Red 20% Black Gelvieh Black Angus Cross
Black 40%
BWF 25%
B-Brock 15%
Light Muscle Medium Muscle Heavy Muscle
0% 35% 65%
Small Frame Medium Frame Large Frame
0% 35% 65%
Thin Condition Medium Condition Fleshy Condition
0% 100% 0%
Consignor: AUBERT LIVESTOCK, Grand Junction, CO
Rep: Wayne Pollard, Silt CO

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